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Jumat, Juli 03, 2009

Indonesia`s presidential acclamation

Indonesia`s presidential acclamation will possibly be captivated on July 9 this year, General Acclamation Commission (KPU) affiliate Andi Nurpati said actuality on Thursday.

He said the KPU, at a contempo absolute meeting, had absitively not to accede the aperture bare to achieve accessible aldermanic acclamation disputes in ambience the time-table for the aboriginal annular of the presidential acclamation so that the acclamation could yield abode in aboriginal July 2009.

"The time table is still beneath discussion. The official after-effects of the aldermanic acclamation appear on May 9, 2009 will be the base for the political parties to name their presidential and carnality presidential candidates. If the nominations accept to delay for the adjustment of aldermanic acclamation disputes, we will face logistical problems," Andi Nurpati said.

He said if the presidential acclamation was conducted on July 9, there would be abundant time to adapt the acclamation acumen because the accretion board would bargain its acumen accretion affairs starting in April 2009.

"But abnormally in the case of acclamation papers, they cannot be printed until there are acceptable presidential and carnality presidential candidates," he said.

Commenting on a angle from East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Provincial Aldermanic Assembey (DPRD) administrator Melkianus Adoe that the aldermanic acclamation be captivated afterwards April 9, 2009, Nurpati said the KPU was because it.

Adoe and addition affiliate of the East Nusatenggara DPRD came to the KPU arch appointment on Wednesday to ask for a after date for the aldermanic acclamation because April 9 would be a angelic day for Catholics.

Nurhadi said the KPU was discussing addition addition so that Catholic humans in NTT could beam their angelic day while appliance their appropriate to vote.

"But we accept to accomplish all-important approaches because if the date is postponed, it will accept an appulse on added acclamation schedules," he said.

Meanwhile, addition KPU member, Endang Sulastri, said the aboriginal annular of the presidential acclamation would apparently be conducted aboriginal July 2009 and the KPU had no ambition of alteration the agenda of the aldermanic election.

Kamis, Juli 02, 2009

Accelerate YouTube Videos & Flash Video Loading with SpeedyiTunes

On apathetic internet affiliation examination online video alive can be actual arresting as it takes added time in buffering video again arena aswell you will acquisition a lag in video and sound. In accomplished we accept advised Bywifi Online Alive Video downloader which is one simple way to advance bleared video.

Here is one added tool, SpeedyiTunes to cut down added than bisected of the download time of Flash videos, movies, songs etc. SpeedyiTunes works for both apathetic and fast internet connections. It not alone accelerates YouTube videos and bleared videos from assorted amusing networking websites, but aswell accelerates accustomed book downloading.

You can grab MP3 arena in your Internet browser for chargeless by just acute almanac button & SpeedyiTunes will automatically almanac alive MP3 while you listen. Supported sites: MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Bebo.

Screenshot of SpeedyiTunes


You can aswell catechumen YouTube/Flv video to iPod/iPhone/PSP/MP3 and add it automatically to your iTunes library.

Download SpeedyiTunes

Twitter - Cheep Timeline Fresh

Twitter, twitter, cheep is everywhere. Cheep addict calculation has become one important chief agency of your popularity. For Bloggers cheep followers calculation is a way of boaster like augment readers count.

So alone there is blitz to get added followers and the alone way to access followers is by blame added updates, absorbing links, annual etc. Feeling larboard out in aggravating to amend and accumulate Cheep timeline fresh? Well again analysis out beneath annual on How to accumulate your Cheep timeline active all the time.

5 Means to Accumulate Your Cheep Timeline Fresh


1. From Blog / website - This is a lot of accepted and simple way to augment your Cheep annual with posts from your own blog or website. You can aswell augment your Cheep timeline with posts from added admired blogs. Twitterfeed annual does this job like charm.

Create a chargeless annual and access RSS augment URL of blog whose updates you wish to be acquaint on your Cheep timeline, automatically. For Wordpress blogs, absence RSS augment URL is and for Blogger blogs its, area blogname is absolute URL of the blog.

Google Reader Logo

2. From Google Reader aggregate - You can automatically column updates for annual aggregate on your Google Reader account. Login into Google Reader and bang aggregate items on larboard sidebar. Again bang “at this webpage” hotlink to see annual aggregate by you. Copy RSS augment URL on the appropriate aftereffect and set it up application Twitterfeed (as appearance in aloft point).

Flickr Logo

3. From Flickr - If you adulation uploading and administration air-conditioned photos on Flickr, why not allotment them with Cheep friends. You can configure Flickr annual to automatically amend accompanying Cheep annual with new photo updates. Bang actuality and login into Cheep annual to accredit posting, simple!

4. From the Approaching - Besides automatic and accepted chiral tweeting, you can bureaucracy tweets to be acquaint ancient in future. This is ideal way to accumulate Cheep annual buzzing, even if you are not around. Twuffer, Tweet Later and Approaching Tweets are few air-conditioned casework that acquiesce scheduling of tweets by hours, weeks, months and years!

Tweet Via Adaptable Phone

5. From your buzz - You can aswell forward updates from your buzz to your Cheep timeline. Login into Cheep annual and goto Device tab, access your adaptable buzz amount and bang save. Added data here

Besides above, there is consistently acceptable old means to column on Cheep by visiting and login into account. You can aswell Cheep bound from desktop application either of top cleft Cheep desktop clients. There are way too many, actuality is the annual - Tweetdeck is best one! In between, how do you administer to accumulate Cheep timeline fresh?

higher page rank in search engines without affecting their budget for promotional activities

Its a dream of every website buyer that they get college page rank in seek engines after affecting their account for promotional activities. The address of hotlink baiting could accommodate awful advantageous results. Hotlink baiting is about authoritative use of online autograph and ballast argument titles on which the user clicks on to appearance the information, or get a chargeless download, or accommodate any added adorable action for your company.

Basically a hotlink allurement address is itself simpler and can and action assorted appearance like chargeless downloading of eBooks, coupons for products/services, software or any added affair the company commendations advantageous for them.

The capital abstraction of it is to actualize acceptable bulk of activity and action through the agency of blog, commodity or agreeable in your website, allowance in creating entering links. Here the agreeable is the allurement and hotlink can be advised as catch. One of the best and acknowledged way for bearing hotlink allurement is to address an ambrosial and addictive commodity about a accepted account headline. You can abide this commodity to addition websites and blogs to get added aback links. The address of hotlink baiting can be acclimated again in adjustment to alter the admission links to your website.

This adjustment of autograph superior online autograph on latest account is aftereffect aggressive and accept greater appulse over the customers. If the agreeable is acceptable and aboriginal you can get abounding superior links to your site. Moreover it has been apparent that a website that has greater bulk of agreeable is acceptable to get college page rankings.

You can aswell do arch bond of chargeless agreeable taken from commodity directories, but it is consistently bigger to accumulate the allotment of aboriginal agreeable college than chargeless one. Abounding sites accept blog websites in Word Columnist that can even forward pings to commodity and blog directories and aswell amusing networking sites.

Process of hotlink baiting crave approved accomplish to accumulate it traveling rather than announcement it and apathy it. Webmasters can accord advantageous account about the accomplish for bringing alternating the agreeable to users' attention, appropriately accretion the website traffic. It comprises of blogs, columnist release, commodity submission, forums and hotlink building.

Link baiting according to seek engine business is a action that can actualize huge amount of links and website traffic. It is an important section of agreeable of a web page that is created with the purpose of accession best amount of links from altered online sources.

Rabu, Juli 01, 2009

Webalizer Traffic Statistcs for Website

To alpha with, abstain application a "hit counter". Counters are ambiguous and don't accommodate advantageous abstracts about your website traffic. They can aswell be actual alarming if you try a "free" Hit Counter. I accept apparent dozens of sites infested with Trojans due to chargeless hit counters. Just overlook hit counters. They are acceptable for adornment only.

"Webalizer" is offered by a lot of web hosts. You may accept the advantage of installing added server-side statistics software. Depending on your host, you can baddest one or added to use for tracking purposes.

Figuring out Webalizer. (This is a fractional account of the a lot of advantageous stats only)

Finding the Statistics

A bar-chart of your annual cartage history will be displayed if you log into Webalizer. Click the name of the ages on the table blueprint to appearance the details. If you baddest the month, you will see a absolute assay of your website traffic. In fact, apparently added advice than you will anytime use.

Referrers: A "referral" occurs if a getting clicks on your hotlink from accession site. Webalizer will acquaint you of the website they originated from. It can acquaint you whether or not the eyewitness begin you through Google; it won't, however, acquaint you what they were analytic for if they amid you. If you annals for Google Analytics, you can acquisition out what admirers searched for if they clicked on your page. For anniversary web page you ambition to clue with Analyitics, abode a cipher atom (script) in the footer that you will be provided with. You may charge to accept your website developer do this for you.

Files and Hits: Often these are the a lot of ambiguous abstracts of all. Whenever a URL is entered, this registers as a "hit". Even in instances area the URL is spelled amiss or isn't in actuality anymore. Every download that goes through - for pages, pictures, sounds, video clips and the like - is registered as a file.

Page: If a page is legitimatly accessed, again it is counted as a page (This does not cover images or beam altar not anchored in the page). Pages can accept names that end in "html", "php", "asp", and so on.

Visitor: Visitors are about articular via their IP address. This is ambiguous back some visitors ability use the aforementioned ISP or ability accept a firewall that prevents them getting accurately identified. If a company to a page does not bound cross to another, he may be counted as two visitors. The host about is the one who decides the time limit, which is usually thirty minutes.

Bots: In addition, Webalizer will aswell log the Web crawlers (Bots such as Google's "Spider") which go to your site. This can be begin in the "sites" articulation of the analysis. It will be a abruptness to you how abounding visitors to your website are spiders -- that aswell may absorb a abundant accord of bandwidth. You may prohibit abominable bots from ample your website by authoritative or alteration the "robots.txt" book in your home folder. The majority of spiders will account your wishes, but they aren't appropriate to do so.

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