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Webalizer Traffic Statistcs for Website

To alpha with, abstain application a "hit counter". Counters are ambiguous and don't accommodate advantageous abstracts about your website traffic. They can aswell be actual alarming if you try a "free" Hit Counter. I accept apparent dozens of sites infested with Trojans due to chargeless hit counters. Just overlook hit counters. They are acceptable for adornment only.

"Webalizer" is offered by a lot of web hosts. You may accept the advantage of installing added server-side statistics software. Depending on your host, you can baddest one or added to use for tracking purposes.

Figuring out Webalizer. (This is a fractional account of the a lot of advantageous stats only)

Finding the Statistics

A bar-chart of your annual cartage history will be displayed if you log into Webalizer. Click the name of the ages on the table blueprint to appearance the details. If you baddest the month, you will see a absolute assay of your website traffic. In fact, apparently added advice than you will anytime use.

Referrers: A "referral" occurs if a getting clicks on your hotlink from accession site. Webalizer will acquaint you of the website they originated from. It can acquaint you whether or not the eyewitness begin you through Google; it won't, however, acquaint you what they were analytic for if they amid you. If you annals for Google Analytics, you can acquisition out what admirers searched for if they clicked on your page. For anniversary web page you ambition to clue with Analyitics, abode a cipher atom (script) in the footer that you will be provided with. You may charge to accept your website developer do this for you.

Files and Hits: Often these are the a lot of ambiguous abstracts of all. Whenever a URL is entered, this registers as a "hit". Even in instances area the URL is spelled amiss or isn't in actuality anymore. Every download that goes through - for pages, pictures, sounds, video clips and the like - is registered as a file.

Page: If a page is legitimatly accessed, again it is counted as a page (This does not cover images or beam altar not anchored in the page). Pages can accept names that end in "html", "php", "asp", and so on.

Visitor: Visitors are about articular via their IP address. This is ambiguous back some visitors ability use the aforementioned ISP or ability accept a firewall that prevents them getting accurately identified. If a company to a page does not bound cross to another, he may be counted as two visitors. The host about is the one who decides the time limit, which is usually thirty minutes.

Bots: In addition, Webalizer will aswell log the Web crawlers (Bots such as Google's "Spider") which go to your site. This can be begin in the "sites" articulation of the analysis. It will be a abruptness to you how abounding visitors to your website are spiders -- that aswell may absorb a abundant accord of bandwidth. You may prohibit abominable bots from ample your website by authoritative or alteration the "robots.txt" book in your home folder. The majority of spiders will account your wishes, but they aren't appropriate to do so.

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