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ArtificialAiming Radar BF2, BF2142, BFH, COD4, COD5

05/05/09 Hack has been updated to version 1.5
From one of the leading Online Hack sites, I bring to you their own public Radar hack for the following games:


BF: Heroes



================================================== ==================
Project : ArtificialAiming-Radar
Version : v1.5
Coder : HelioS
Site :
================================================== ==================
Supported Games:
- BattleField 2 (BF2) v1.41
- BattleField 2142 (BF2142) v1.5
- BattleField Heroes (BFH) v1.01.959.0
- Call of Duty 4 (COD4) v1.7
- Call of Duty World at War (COD5) v1.4
- Fraps v2.9.8 (
- XFire v1.107 (
How to Use:
- Make sure you have either Fraps or XFire running.
- Start the ArtificialAiming-Radar loader.
- Start your game.
- The loader will inject the radar into the game.
- The loader will close itself after injecting the radar.
The radar uses a special hooking method inside Fraps or XFire.
This is why you need either Fraps or XFire running.
The radar does NOT alter any game code itself.
- v1.5 (5-May-2009)
* Bypassed PunkBuster signature scan
- v1.4 (30-Apr-2009)
* Added support for BF Heroes v1.01.959.0
- v1.3 (23-Apr-2009)
* Bypassed new PunkBuster signature scan
- v1.2 (18-Apr-2009)
* The radar can now be used without Fraps or XFire
* It's most secure in combination with XFire
* Fixed corrupt memory kick by PunkBuster if used in combination with Fraps
- v1.1 (17-Apr-2009)
* Added support for XFire v1.107
* Fixed GameHook detection by PunkBuster
- v1.0 (12-Apr-2009)
* Initial Release
* Undetected on PunkBuster
*** Visit
for more Details and Updates ***

ArtificialAiming also has more extensive cheats (including aimbot) for the following games:

Download ArtificialAiming Radar v1.3 - BF2, BF2142, BFH, COD4, COD5:
All in one
Now over 250+ downloads. Keep them coming, share with your friends, family, co-workers, anyone you know.
Please download it as a free user. And as always, please, Thank me for the upload to keep this alive. I give all credit to HelioS for this great tool.
File has been scanned with BitDefender Total Security Suite 2009 and is clean.
Full credit for this goes to the ArtificialAiming community, and the producer of these hacks. I take no responsibilities for the use of this hack, so direct any comments, or questions to the website.

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